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Support services for prospective students

This is where we attempt to answer most of your questions on what we do and how you go about registering at CPUT if you are a person who has a disability.

The Disability Unit (DU) has two admin offices and four computer labs where students can do their work. The labs are on the Cape Town, Bellville and Mowbray campuses.

Office hours

The admin offices and three of the labs are open Mon - Fri from 8:00-16:00.

The DU lab in the eLearning lab on Cape Town campus is open 24-hrs.

Our labs might be closed at certain times during the exam period when students are writing exams in the DU.

Applying at CPUT

Kindly check the minimum requirements to see whether you qualify to study for the course of your choice – this is very very important. Do not skip this step!!

Please approach the DU first for assistance with your application documentation – then we also know about you.

If you do not meet the minimum requirements, then the DU can advise you on how to improve your rating.

Like any other student, you must pay the R100.00 application fee when you submit your application form. More info on fees here.

You also have to write on the application form your first choice of study and a second choice of study – so that you can still study at CPUT if you do not qualify for your first choice.

You must indicate if you require student accommodation. This is very important so that reasonable accommodation can be implemented for you to make your whole CPUT experience easier.

Registering for your course

Once your application has been processed and you are accepted as a CPUT student with a disability and you want to apply for a bursary, then you will have to do the following:

Print the questionnaire that your doctor has to complete, here.

Go through the Checklist below to see what documents to bring with to the DU:

  • Certified copies of your ID x 2
  • Certified copies of Parent’s IDs
  • Certified copies of siblings IDs
  • Certified copies of parents salary advice
  • Certified copies of your Matric/tertiary results
  • Copy of any previous exam concessions i.e. extra time/scribe etc
  • The completed and stamped Doctor’s questionnaire of your condition
  • Any other achievement certificates
  • CV with your previous work experience if you’re applying for RPL

The HOD, Dr Nina, will assess your needs and requirements on how the DU can assist you academically.

Student residences

The DU is committed to ensure that we give the best possible service to our students in their academic student life – but often other types of queries come our way. In order for us to assist students with reasonable accommodation you must indicate very early on if you want student residence. Space is limited so you need to advise us.

Welcome and orientation

The DU staff will have a welcome and orientation session on all campuses for all first year students from 2013. This happens the week before term starts and it is very important that you attend. We will take you around the campus and show you where to go for classes, where clinic is, where library is, etc.

Getting around

The campuses are large facilities with numerous buildings (faculties) which are reached by parking bays, pathways, ramps, stairs, and lifts.

Navigation on campuses

  • There are street calming measures in place i.e. pedestrian crossings, and speed humps as well as a posted speed limit on campuses.
  • Most of the buildings have lifts and staircases that are universally accessible.
  • There are ramps for wheelchairs at most entrances for easy access.
  • CPUT has a bus shuttle service between campuses. There is also a special needs equipped vehicle as part of the DU service.