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Support services for current students

Sign up at the DU

It’s FREE and to your benefit! Once we know about you then we can assist you with problems that you might experience.

Did you pass/fail?

Let us know. We have a new Achiever’s Wall where we brag about our students who overcome their challenges every day and succeed so well.

If you have failed then please come and visit us so that we can see how to assist you. It may be a simple thing such as needing extra time during the exams.

Social club

We are starting a social club where you can mingle with fellow achievers. This will be on all the campuses – so you will meet fellow students from other campuses as well. For more information please contact the DU.

Volunteer your time

We realise that with the challenges you face on a daily basis your time is already a precious commodity. But do you know that prospective employers are always looking for people with initiative. Volunteering your time and helping somebody else whose journey might be more difficult than yours will empower you and the person you are helping. It’s always GOOD to pay it forward..

Resource Centre

The DU is starting a resource centre. Come and have a look at the various books, DVDs and other interesting items we have on people with disabilities.