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An Operations Management student, who released a contemporary rap single called Winning in 2020, has been nominated as the Best Newcomer for this year’s City Awards.

Luzuko Fikile, who is affectionately known as Aefro by his fans, says it is an honor for him to be nominated for the Awards. “To me this means recognition for putting out a craft that is representing the culture of the Cape Town’s City Bowl,” adds Luzuko.

He intimates that for him he has already won and that so have the artists who are nominated alongside him. “For the mere fact that you got people appreciating your body of work and jamming to your music, that is a win,” he says. “Being nominated for an award means you’re one of the people that are contributing to [the] best works of art, and urges one to step up one’s game and continue putting out their best work. I wish everyone the best of luck."

To vote for Luzuko SMS "021 Aefro" to 35029 and SMSes cost R3 each.

The City Awards were founded in 2017 when the first annual "035 Awards" were held in KwaZulu-Natal after the locals noticed the lack of appreciation for individuals in the music industry. After a favourable response and support from the locals, the company decided to branch out and do this also in  other cities.

The company’s vision is to provide award shows that develop, empower and elevate the entertainment industry.

The Awards broadcast will be held on 5 June 2021 at 18h00. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, all award shows will be broadcast live on the City Awards website (

Nomination submissions opened on 5 January and nominations can be done online on They close on 5 March.

Prizes up for grabs include a stunning 10’’ Glass Award, Marketing Contract as well as a Music Video and Photoshoot.

Voting lines close on 5 June at 15h00 and voting is only done via SMS. Nominees can see where they rank according to votes on the city awards website under the “awards” tab.

Winners are determined by a combination of public votes and judges’ scores depending on the category under consideration. The scores will be verified independently, and winners will be announced during the live broadcast in June.

The fourth-year Education Art students are a group of talented student-teachers who are showcasing their work in a virtual exhibition.

It shall forever be known that the Terminators, a group of six Industrial Engineering students, were runners up at CPUT’s first attempt in the 2019/20 Design for People Challenge run by Engineers Without Borders (EWB) UK in collaboration with their counterparts from the USA, Ireland and South Africa (SA).

 An Operations Management student, who aspires to become a musician, has released a contemporary rap single called Winning.

Final-year student Luzuko Fikile, affectionately known as Aefro by his fans, started recording his own music from the tender age of 13 and now has his fans eating out of his hands. “I just redropped my single called ‘Winning’ which I dropped in 2017, before taking a break from music when I enrolled at CPUT.”

The versatile 21-year-old muso is planning to drop another single called “105”and at the same time is working on finishing his EP (mini-album) Been Calm For Too Long. Aefro says that, as a musician, he is not affiliated to any specific music genre. He adds that the emotions and message he intends to convey in a specific song determine whether he produces a rap, pop, soul or even a gospel track.

The creative, who hails from Mthatha (Eastern Cape), says his grandmother is the inspiration behind his latest single. “She always told me how she struggled in life and how she wants us, her children, to be successful in life and build her a mansion in the land she inherited from her late husband Ngxabane.”

Aefro's music can be downloaded on the following platforms:

Audiomack on, YouTube and SoundCloud on and

SlikourOnlife on He adds that it will soon be posted on all digital platforms such as Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and others.

He hopes to have at least three or four top singles which will serve as his breakthrough into the industry. He adds that this will inspire young black musicians in Mthatha to know that it is possible for one to make it in life through art or whatever it is that one is passionate about.

“I do music based on what I experience in life, the books I engage, the life lessons I encounter in any manner or type of sound I want to express myself in,” says the tenacious Aefro.

“In the next five years I see my music on top of the charts, having been mentioned amongst the best to ever do it,” he predicts. “With the message my music has or will contain, I do believe it will travel all around the country, the world and [even] to greater capacity and heights.”

While he recognises that the Cape Town’s entertainment scene has a huge and responsive audience, he contends that the promoters are the gatekeepers in the industry who prevent local creatives from realising their dreams.

“This side, everyone wants to shine alone, there’ s no real support for each other,” argues Aefro. “One hardly even gets exposure to top platforms like interviews and gigs, unless you move to Joburg; Basically it’s only the artist and their audience, if you are stable on the Internet you’ re fine,  your supporters and your craft are the only thing you have.”

Seven recipients of this year’s Vice Chancellor’s (VC) Prestigious Achievers Award Programme have reason to celebrate - the VC and the awards committee recently recognised two Master’s and five PhD students.

A talented second-year Jewellery Design and Manufacture student has taken the top spot in the student/apprenticeship category of the prestigious PlatAfrica competition.

Following a stringent interview process, Master’s student Simone Thomas has been offered full-time employment as a Research Assistant as well as registration as a Doctoral candidate in Germany.