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One of CPUT’s core values is ubuntu, and the drive to supply food to needy students attests to this.

Last year the university established a Task Team under the ambit of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Operations, Prof Gilingwe Mayende, to develop a sustainable food security programme for the institution. The team has recently tabled a draft report during an Executive Management (EM) meeting for approval.

“The current initiatives have been on an adhoc basis with the Dean of Students’ office issuing vouchers after doing a due diligence, on a once-off basis to students in dire need,” says Tulani Nkuntse, Deputy Dean of Students.

Nkuntse adds that other similar efforts have been from individual staff members and that the Department of Student Affairs has also been assisting with food parcels, an operation which was facilitated by the HIV/AIDS Unit.

He says that needy students are identified using a “referral system”. “Most of the students are referred to us by lecturers, health practitioners from our clinic and from our counselling department. Our Residence Coordinators have also been instrumental in bringing these cases to our attention.”

After receiving the student’s name, due diligence is conducted and based on the outcome the student gets assisted, he confirms.

The draft report, which was tabled in front of the university management, entails the proposed plan on how the university will sustain rendering the support of this nature to students. “What I can say at this stage is that the principles on which the proposed model is based are underpinned by social justice, human rights and dignity,” adds Nkuntse.

Mayende says that EM expressed its general appreciation for the work done by the Task Team and that they made certain suggestions on how to “firm up” certain aspects of the model presented in the report. 

“A key suggestion that has been made is to ensure that the programme is brought into the ambit of the Second Stream Income Committee and to utilise institutional arrangements to support fundraising efforts that are already  in place at CPUT,” he adds.

In the past, about 400 needy students at CPUT residences have benefitted from food parcels, thanks to a collaborative project between the university management, residence managers and Residence Student Assistants.

Friday, 18 September 2020

Women swell SRC ranks

For the first time ever at CPUT, the majority of students elected to the Student Representative Councils (SRC) are women.

The research directorate facilitated more than R30,7 million in research grants obtained from the National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Department of Higher Education & Training.

District Six staff members and students can now boost their health and fitness levels at the new Outdoor Gym on the campus.

The new facility, situated at corner of Constitution and Tennant streets boasts eleven pieces of equipment and is the second one of its kind at CPUT.

The outdoor gym park at the Bellville campus opened last year and plans are afoot to roll out the project at the Mowbray and Wellington campuses.

According to the Residence Business Unit, which has been managing the project, outdoor gym sessions and a boot camp series will soon resume at the Bellville campus. The District Six gym will also have professional trainers on site on Mondays to Thursdays from 4 pm to 6 pm. The starting dates will be announced soon and these sessions will be free of charge for staff and students.
The unit hopes that the project will provide a spot where staff and students can enjoy the benefits of an outdoor gym like at many other university campuses around the world.

“We have looked into the benefits of the project and we are confident it will bring a much needed service within our living and learning spaces. We believe a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and this is important as we strive to be the innovation centre of Africa through our One Smart CPUT drive," said Johnny Basson, Manager of the Residence Business Unit.

Monday, 17 February 2020

Tough start for CPUT rugby team

FNB CPUT started the journey to defend the rugby title they won last year on the back foot as the defending champions lost their opening match of the 2020 Varsity Shield.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Ready for Rugby that rocks

FNB CPUT will go head-to-head with FNB WSU in the first clash of the 2020 Varsity Shield competition this Friday.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Sporting feast this weekend

All roads lead to CPUT this weekend where five tertiary institutions from across the Western Cape will compete in the final games of the Intervarsity tournament.