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Renowned for its ship-wrecks, brown hyenas, jackals, side-winders and seals, the Skeleton Coast is infamous for its harsh, unfriendly terrain and extreme climate. It’s an area rarely frequented by even the most experienced vehicle-bound adventurers, but CPUT’s Anette Grobler from the Department of Student Affairs begins her month-long solo quest to walk the coastline this weekend - all in aid of a good cause.

The role of Universities of Technology (UoTs), access and throughput, and the general state of higher education in South Africa – these are just some of the issues that CPUT’s Dr Zilungile Sosibo will be grappling with as she begins her work with the South African Council for Higher Education. (CHE)

Adviser to the Minister: Dr Sosibo aims to raise the profile of Universities of Technology in South Africa.

“With the 2011 academic year now in full swing, the largest university in the Western Cape is looking forward to a year of continuous improvement in quality.” So said Rector and Vice-Chancellor Prof Mazwi-Tanga, welcoming new academic and support staff to the CPUT family.  Aimed at giving one of CPUT’s most valuable assets a thorough overview of the university, last week’s induction also spelled out the ways in which it continually seeks to attract and retain the best calibre personnel.

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