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Wednesday, 07 April 2021

CPUT academics pen HR textbook

Academics in the Department of Human Resources (HR) have put together the first book which encapsulates professional standards with contemporary theories. This is the only book endorsed by the national HR professional body.

Dr Liiza Gie, who heads the Department, is the book’s editor while her colleagues Frances de Klerk and Taryn Kroukamp contributed chapters. The three academics contributed five of the book’s 15 chapters.

Published by Juta, Human Resources Management in Southern Africa: Contemporary Theories and Professional Practice Standards is endorsed by the South African Board for People Practices, the professional body which sets HR standards.

The book is priced at R450 and orders can be placed using the following link:

The authors are academics from various higher education institutions and HR consultants based throughout South Africa who are leaders in their areas of specialisation. It is divided into five parts and, to promote active student learning, each chapter concludes with its review questions, additional readings as well as useful websites, over and above the separate online resources accessible via the Juta link.

Designed for both novice and experienced HR students and practitioners to promote good governance and ethical standards within HR departments across Southern Africa, this is the first book which encapsulates the HR standards with contemporary theories as the underpinning theoretical knowledge combined with practical applications for the 21st century world of work.

Gie said that as a CPUT alumna from National Diploma through to Doctorate levels, for her to put together an HR Management textbook for higher education students was “surreal and could only be completed by the grace of God Almighty”. “And as the Rector’s Medallist of 2002 I dedicated this book to my late mentor, Prof Marcus Balintulo,” she added.

She argued that the book is the scholars’ contribution to the HR body of knowledge, as they also conduct research to share with the fraternity. “In my HR professional career, it is important to give back to all HRM students, as they in turn, will pay it forward in the future,” added Gie.

“I am immensely proud of Dr Liiza Gie, Ms Frances de Klerk & Ms Taryn Kroukamp from the Faculty of Business & Management Sciences,” said the Faculty’s Dean, Prof Paul  Green.

Prof Mervyn King SC, former Advertising Standards Authority President, said the textbook is a concise but detailed collection of everything relevant to HR managers as the authors have been cognisant of the importance of human capital as a resource in the production of goods and rendering of services.

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

CPUT rewrites record books

The team at the Africa Space Innovation Centre (ASIC) at CPUT has completed the integration of the three flight model (FM) satellites for the upcoming MDASat-1 mission.

The Department of Chemistry has acquired and installed a new Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ((NMR) spectrometer after receiving a grant from National Research Foundation (NRF) last year.

CPUT is expected to launch the first South African mini-constellation of three satellites for Maritime Domain Awareness (MDASat-1) towards the end of 2021.

The Centre for International Teacher Education (CITE) is hard at work ensuring that it’s all systems go for the much-anticipated virtual Research Café on Monday, 15 March 2021.

Department of Media Studies lecturer, Dr Adelina Mbinjama-Gamatham, has been awarded a Thuthuka Grant for 2021 which will further her research in the field of cyber-ethics.

The newly established Centre for Communication Studies is set to advance research in the Faculty of Informatics and Design.

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