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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

State of the art equipment for Chemistry Department

TRAILBLASING: The Department of Chemistry has purchased and installed a new nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer.  TRAILBLASING: The Department of Chemistry has purchased and installed a new nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer.

The Department of Chemistry has acquired and installed a new Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ((NMR) spectrometer after receiving a grant from National Research Foundation (NRF) last year.

Prof Ahmed Mohammed says the department applied through the National Equipment Programme to the NRF in 2018 and obtained a grant of R 6.8 million to purchase the new equipment. “The important point is that CPUT has been missing this important facility for more than 20 years, and it was requiring strong application with strong motivation from the university,” Mohamed reveals.

The main use of the NMR is to study the chemical structure of organic compounds, especially natural compounds obtained from natural resources such as plants, microbes and or marine organisms.

“All researchers working in related activities from the university and industrial sector are very welcome to come and use the facility. The department, especially postgraduate students working in the organic chemistry field, [have already] started to use the equipment.”

The equipment covers very important and essential types of analysis required by all researchers in Applied Sciences, and “The NMR facility fills a strong gap to run advanced research with excellent quality, meaning there is no research in organic chemistry that can be completed without the NMR facility”.

All postgraduates, researchers from different faculties, including Applied Sciences and Engineering, and industrial sectors can use the equipment for different purposes including pharmaceutical industries, polymer, food technology, agriculture, environment and many more.

Written by Aphiwe Boyce


Provides coverage for the Engineering and the Built Environment and Applied Sciences Faculties.