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Tuesday, 03 November 2020

Journal awards Prof Cronjé

RECOGNITION: Prof Johannes Cronje RECOGNITION: Prof Johannes Cronje

The Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Design, Prof Johannes Cronjé, has been honoured with a prestigious award from the Educational Technology Research and Development Journal (ETR&D).

Cronje received the ETR&D 2020 Editors Reviewer Excellence Award in recognition of his exemplary academic services in support of the journal.

The award is given to reviewers who have provided more than ten high quality reviews in the past year.

“This is no small feat, as it means more than one review per academic month,” says Cronjé.

“I feel honoured, as this journal has a very high international repute.  I have been involved with it since the start of my career in the field in 1994, when I was asked to join the review board.  I was happy to join because all the big names in my field serve either on the editorial board, or on the review board.”

He says the journal recognises the value of its reviewers who contribute to the academic rigour of the publication and contribute to the development of novice researchers.

“A good journal review will say firstly if the article is worthy of publication, and then it will give advice of how to improve it.  If the article cannot be published, a good reviewer will give advice to the researcher on how to improve the article to make it publishable eventually.”

This year’s ceremony was held in an online format.

“My academic friends were also in the online meeting and we could exchange greetings in the chat function.” 

Cronjé says one of the most important things about reviewing for a journal such as ETR&D is that you stay on top of the field, since you get to see the most recent, ground-breaking work even before it is published. 

“The journal also has a policy of sending a consolidated summary of all the reviews to all the reviewers, which allows one to benchmark oneself against the rest.”

*Cronje’s work has been published in the journal twice.
The first publication in the journal was a theoretical paper:

Cronjé, J.C. (2006) Paradigms Regained: Toward Integrating Objectivism and Constructivism in Instructional Design and the Learning Sciences, Educational Technology Research and Development, 54(4) 387 – 416.

The second paper was co-authored by a doctoral candidate from the US who verified the model that he proposed in the first:
Elander, K., & Cronje, J. C.  (2016) Paradigms revisited: a quantitative investigation into a model to integrate objectivism and constructivism in instructional design. Educational Technology Research and Development. 64(3), 389–405. 

Written by Ilse Fredericks