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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Braai tool a blazing success

SIMMERING SUCCESS: The Braai Tool started as a student project and has become a huge success SIMMERING SUCCESS: The Braai Tool started as a student project and has become a huge success

It started as a student project but an innovative tool, which revolves around one of SA’s favourite pastimes, has become a blazing success, which could soon hit the international market.

The Braai Tool (TBT), is multifunctional and incorporates five key braai utensils into one sleek product.

The idea was born in 2014 during the Industrial Design BTech course at CPUT when students had to design, prototype, manufacture, market and sell a product they created for a net profit of at least R5 000.

The product proved to be a winner and, with the help of CPUT’s Technology Transfer Office, its magnetic hinge and groove system were patented.

“We’ve also done some research into the Australian market because barbecuing is huge in Australia. So, with the help of CPUT’s Technology Transfer Office (TTO), we have also filed for a patent in Australia” says TBT’s Sebastian Bosman.

Bosman said The TTO would also subsidise his participation in the LaunchLab - which is designed to take entrepreneurs through the process of building a viable company.

He says the TTO has given him the ingredients to turn a university project into a commercial product.

“The TTO gave us the financing to produce our initial units. They have paid for the patent, both locally and internationally and they’ve given us great legal advice. They also sent us to Design Indaba, funding our first step into the commercial space.”
TBT has just placed an order for another 1 000 units of the product.

  • TBT operates from the communal work hub at 75 Harrington Street, Cape Town.

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Written by Ilse Fredericks


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