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Friday, 07 July 2017

Snoek study lauded

NUTRITIOUS: A recent study has concluded that snoek is delicious and good for you NUTRITIOUS: A recent study has concluded that snoek is delicious and good for you


A recent study into the nutritional benefits of snoek has proven what Capetonians have always known – that the fish not only tastes great but is good for you too. 

Compared to its expensive counterparts like salmon, trout and cod, snoek is often perceived as a low value fish, which is generally preferred by people in coastal areas close to where it is caught.

Now, thanks to a study by Suné Henning from CPUT’s Food Technology Unit and Stellenbosch University’s Prof Louw Hoffman, the humble snoek is being recognised for its considerable nutritional benefits.

The study concluded that snoek is a healthy, relatively cheap high protein, low fat food source that is high in ‘good’ omega 3 fatty acids.

The study will continue the research into other South African marine fish species like sardines, hake and catfish and will continue into three different cooking methods as well- microwaving, oven baking and steaming.

Henning says the study found that there isn’t a huge nutritional difference between a fresh and frozen snoek but admits that fresh fish will always taste better.

“If a fish is frozen for an extended period then the fat deposits break down and the texture will change so it is better not to freeze fish for too long,” she says.

The snoek study has received extensive media coverage with further findings eagerly anticipated.

Written by Lauren Kansley

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