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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Revolutionising fluid processing unit launched at CPUT

INNOVATION: Director of the Agrifood Technology Station, Larry Dolley at the Jet Cook Steam Infusion Product Development Facility INNOVATION: Director of the Agrifood Technology Station, Larry Dolley at the Jet Cook Steam Infusion Product Development Facility

In another first for a university of technology, the Agrifood Technology Station (ATS) has launched a Jet Cook Steam Infusion Product Development Facility.

A cutting-edge cooking system that is revolutionising the food manufacturing sector, the Jet Cook Steam Infusion plant is the only unit of its kind at a higher education institution in South Africa, and will be used to support small, medium and micro-sized enterprises as well as larger manufacturers in the food sector.

A collaboration between CPUT, the British based manufacturer DCN Norris and its’ local representative Courlander’s Agencies, this fluid processing unit relies on its innovative steam infusion system, cooking up to 500 kilograms of sauces and other products much more efficiently than conventional methods used in industry. It does this by reducing multi-processing stages, such as mixing, heating, pumping and homogenising, into one simple stage.

Director of the ATS, Larry Dolley, says the new facility is a welcome addition to the ATS and will allow them to expand their offering of support services to the food manufacturing sector.

“There is great value in the equipment, including the training of students, running industry trials as well as for SMMEs needing to understand and experience the value of this new technology,” says Dolley.

According to a statement released by DCN Norris, the British based organization that manufactures the Jet Cook Steam Infusion, the device “operates by collapsing steam into the product at high velocity through a specially designed nozzle. As the steam collapses it pulls the product (liquid) through, creating a re-circulating effect (partial vacuum) in the re-circulating pipe.”

Dolley says additional benefits of the system include reduced energy consumption and waste water. It also allows manufacturers to reduce starch and salt content.

The ATS, along with DCN Norris and Courlander’s recently conducted trials across multiple products on the system, to demonstrate its capabilities to the South African food industry. Products produced during the trials ranged from cheese sauce to lasagna filling, custard and minestrone soup.

For more information on the Jet Cook Steam Infusion Product Development Facility and the services provided by the ATS, please contact Larry Dolley at: +27 21 959 6276 or

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Written by Candes Keating

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