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Wednesday, 05 August 2015

CPUT Innovation: Driver’s License Control Unit

A retired traffic official and two CPUT staff members have developed an innovative product that will revolutionize road as well as vehicle safety worldwide.

Theo Legrange, Garnet Gabriels and Paul Bayendang designed and manufactured the Driver’s License Control Unit (DLCU), an innovative device that provides a system that can assist in restricting unauthorised access to motor vehicles, from persons who do not have a valid driver’s license.

The concept was sparked when Legrange, a retired traffic official encountered a driver who had his license revoked due to a serious traffic offence, but was still driving his vehicle.

“I approached Garnet with the idea of this device. I thought CPUT would be able to assist me because as a university of technology they are in the business of creating things,” says Legrange.

The two teamed up with Mechanical Engineering staff member, Paul Bayendang, and together developed the DLCU, a control panel featuring fingerprint and password authentication that is fitted in a vehicle.

To function, car owners register their information on the DLCU. When entering the vehicle they are prompted to scan their driver’s licence card, fingerprint and enter a pin, which will then allow them to start the vehicle.

Thanks to their innovative technology, drivers not registered on the DLUC will not be able to start the vehicle.

“The goal of the DLCU device is to curb accidents on South Africa’s roads, as well as to reduce thefts and hijackings of motor vehicles,” says Gabriels.

Bayendang says vehicle owners can register more people on the DLCU as the device can store the data of up to 100 drivers, making the DLCU suitable for use by fleet owners.

*This product will be on show at the CPUT Innovation Showcase, which takes place on Thursday, 6 August 2015 in the Major Sports Hall at the Bellville Campus from 11am – 8pm. Entry is free

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Written by Candes Keating

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