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To include book chapters, articles or any other copyright protected material within class notes, course packs or
online, you will need copyright clearance. Here are some options to consider:

Option 1: If we do have access to the online eBook or article, then it is best to provide the link in the relevant
Learning Management System (LMS) subject for student to access the online material directly. No copyright clearance
is needed for this option.

Option 2: If the above is not possible:

CPUT does not have a blanket copyright licence. When a lecturer places the actual file (book/chapter/article) on
the LMS subject, they need to apply for copyright clearance. A fee based on the number of students in the group and
agreements with the publishers will have to be paid.

To apply for copyright clearance in the Western Cape we work through CHEC via the Publishing Liaison Office (PLO):
The CHEC website

To apply for copyright clearance via the PLO click here.

Lecturer’s need to complete an online request. If you need any assistance you can contact the staff at the PLO:

Estian Behrens
Lemeez Hendricks

CPUT has a central budget for copyright clearance administered by the office of the DVC: Teaching & Learning.