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Course Information and Fees



AdvDip: (advanced diploma)

The Advanced Diploma is a fourth-year career-focused qualification offered by the Department of Information Technology. The course is designed to enable a student to not only apply the concepts and skills of the specialisation sufficiently for a smooth transition into the workplace but also to operate on a higher level in order to solve complex problems adapting to the requirements of the organisation's environment. An Advanced Diploma graduate is expected to acquire and develop sufficient knowledge to solve complex problems in an ethical and professional manner by obtaining, processing, evaluating, managing and communicating related information using a range of suitable methods within the area of study as indicated by the different specialisations purpose statements. Students must also have the ability to interpret and discuss new knowledge, to critically evaluate facts, to apply this in practice and to solve problem situations in practice. In addition to acquiring more advanced skills, the emphasis is also placed on developing a person who is skilful, with a good understanding of his/her role in society. Therefore, the three core components of knowing, doing and being are developed for meaningful engagement in the IT discipline and practice on the appropriate level.

Career Information
The widespread use of computers has resulted in an ongoing need for a wide range of highly skilled information technology personnel. As the field is subject to rapid technological change, it requires professionals who are well trained, who keep up to date with the latest developments and who can engage future trends and developments in the field. Communication Networks graduates are preparing for careers in computer network development and administration and systems administration.

Career Opportunities
Upon successful completion of all units in this course, students are eligible for the Advanced Diploma in Information and Communication Technology: Communication Networks. Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include: • Network Engineer • ICT networking specialist • Systems/network administrator • Network analyst In addition, graduates may find themselves able to apply their skill sets to the following related occupations: ICT service managers; ICT project manager; IT manager; ICT trainer; ICT account manager; ICT professional; and systems analyst.

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Syllabus and fees

Fourth Year

Compulsory subject(s):
42250 ZAR
Offering Type and Duration
Full-Time /

Course is offered on District Six Campus.

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NOTE: The fees in this prospectus are for the 2019 academic year and are provided to assist you in your planning.



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