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Course Information and Fees

2019 was the last intake of the National Diploma Dental Technology progamme.
As of January 2020 no new first year students will be accepted for this programme as it is phasing out.
national diploma

2019 was the last intake of the National Diploma Dental Technology progamme.
As of January 2020 no new first year students will be accepted for this programme as it is phasing out.

ND: (national diploma)

The purpose of this course is to educate and train competent, responsible and accountable dental technicians for the dental profession.

The course addresses the needs of the dental profession for qualified dental technicians with relevant qualifications that are recognised both nationally and internationally. Dental technology students are engaged with patient-specific dental work as early as their first year of study. This is done in collaboration with the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of the Western Cape and includes community projects.

Career Opportunities
Graduates register as dental technicians and work for a dental technologist in a commercial dental laboratory or in a government dental training hospital.

Admission requirements


For all Certificate, Diploma and National Diploma applications, consult the General admission requirements.

General admission requirements

Some courses require students to submit additional information as part of their application.

Additional admission requirements


For all Honours, Masters and Doctorate applications, consult the Postgraduate admission requirements.

Postgraduate admission requirements

Other requirements when entering the programme:
  • Immunisation against Hepatitis B is compulsory and proof of completion is required.
  • Students must be registered with SADTC at all times.
  • Students in their 3rd year must obtain from an accredited First Aid training service provider, a first-aid certificate before being admitted into the National Diploma Dental Technology summative assessment.
  • Students must comply with faculty, departmental as well as statutory rules and regulations once registered for this qualification. It is the responsibility of the students to familiarise themselves with these rules and regulations.
  • Students will be required to buy prescribed books as well as a prescribed set of instruments for their personal use during the course. These will remain the property of the student.
  • All summative assessments in the subject Applied Dental Technology 3 is subject to the approval by the SADTC who recognises the outcome of that specific assessment for registration purposes, in this case as a dental technician. In preparation for this assessment the same will apply in the summative assessment of the subjects Applied Dental Technology 1 and 2. Please note: There are no reassessment opportunities for this particular summative assessment as students at this point must proof their competency in all aspects of applied dental technology in order to be registered as a practitioner.

Syllabus and fees

First Year

Compulsory subject(s):
26670 ZAR

Second Year

Compulsory subject(s):
17300 ZAR

Third Year

Compulsory subject(s):
22240 ZAR
Total number of subjects to obtain the national diploma: 14


Students must buy a prescribed set of instruments at the beginning of their first year of study and make provision for the purchasing of materials required during the programme.

Students register with the SA Dental Technicians Council as student dental technicians within 30 days of registration.

Students are required to wear special protective clothing.

Experiential Learning
Once registered on the programme students will be required to complete a compulsory prescribed period of experiential learning. Experiential learning must be successfully completed annually before a student can proceed to the next year of study.

The onus is on the student to find a registered commercial dental laboratory for this component, although assistance is available to students to find suitable placement. The selected dental laboratory must be registered with the South African Dental Technicians Council and all practitioners must be in good standing with this authority.

The following minimum number of days are required per study year indicated
1st year = 15 days (120 hours)
2nd year = 20 days (160 hours)
3rd year = 20 days (160 hours)

Offering Type and Duration
Full-Time / Three years

Course is offered on Tygerberg Hospital Campus.

For any queries get in touch with:

Contact: Ms Maureen Anthony
Telephone: +27 21 959 5571
Fax: +27 21 959 5879

NOTE: The fees in this prospectus are for the 2020 academic year and are provided to assist you in your planning.



This information is subject to change based on approval and accreditation of HEQSF aligned qualifications.

Admission requirements may therefore differ between the existing qualification and the HESQF aligned qualification. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this page; however the University reserves the right at any time, if circumstances require, to make changes to any of the published details.