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Teacher Professional Development

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The Department of Teacher Professional Development primarily focuses on initial post-graduate teaching qualifications:

The Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE: FET) and the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE: SP/FET) programme is a professional level 7 qualification. It prepares teachers to teach Grades 8 – 12 (High School). These qualifications provide professional teacher status to graduates and diplomates who are in possession of a relevant three-year qualification. The PGCE programmes are run on a one-year full time and/or on a part-time basis over two years, provided there are sufficient students. 

The Advanced Diploma in Technical and Vocational Education and Training Teaching (ADTVT) Programme is an equivalent level 7 professional qualification but which enables graduates to teach in TVET Colleges as opposed to High school. The ADTVT will be offered on a part-time basis over two years.

The level 8 Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (PDHETL) is also housed in the TPD Department but is essentially offered by Fundani. It provides a professional status to academic staff in Higher Education Institutions who did not have a teaching qualification.

Courses are run on a full time and/or a part-time basis provided there are sufficient students.