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National Benchmark Tests

At present, National Benchmark Tests are not an admission requirement for students applying to study at CPUT in 2015.

The National Senior Certificate (NSC) is the primary admission requirement for entrance to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, but it is sometimes necessary for departments to gain additional information about students’ academic ability and achievement. The National Benchmark Tests (NBTs), in addition to the NSC results, are used by certain departments to determine whether students should be placed on the regular mainstream programmes or the Extended Curriculum Programme(ECP). The NBTs provide additional information as to the readiness of students to deal with the academic demands of the first year of study. The ECPs provide students with more academic support to improve their chances of success in their programmes.

The credits allocated to subjects on the mainstream programme and the ECP are the same except that ECP includes an additional year as it involves more learning support in the initial years of study. Diplomas with an ECP component are completed over four years, while the mainstream programme is completed within three years. In the case of degrees, the ECP will add an additional year to the mainstream four-year programme. Research has shown that students who enter university with more borderline NSC and NBT results are more likely to fail their courses and be excluded. This is why there is an ECP stream.

Students in certain faculties and departments must write the NBTs during 2014. Students would need to determine whether the NBTs are required for the programme for which they have applied and ensure that they write the tests in their home area. It is recommended that students write the tests at any of the national test venues during 2014 as the test results are recognised by other universities as well. Those students who choose to write the test in their home area during 2014 will be required to register for the test online and pay the costs of the tests.

Refer to the NBT website on further information on test dates, venues and fees.

General enquiries about NBTs:

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