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HIV Counseling & Testing

Free HIV Counseling & Testing (HCT) is offered to all students and staff of CPUT. The testing is conducted by a professional nurse and consists of a pre-counseling session before the test and a post-counseling session after the test. Testing is available either at the HIV/AIDS Unit office at Cape Town Campus or in the Wellness Mobile Unit from Monday until Thursday.

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The Mobile Wellness Unit

The Mobile Wellness Unit gives the HIV/AIDS Unit the opportunity to offer routine HIV Counseling & Testing (HCT) to students and staff on all CPUT campuses. Other tests such as CD4 counts, TB, and STIs are also offered and are performed by a professional nurse. Where necessary, visitors will be referred to health facilities.

Workplace programs

The HIV/AIDS Unit provides regular training to CPUT staff and keeps them updated of all on-going programs conducted by the HIV &AIDS Unit.

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 Curricular integration

HIV/AIDS modules have been introduced in the curricula of CPUT’s courses. These modules serve to educate students about the transmission of HIV, safer sex practices and the prevention and consequences of HIV-Infection. These modules are tailor made to suit the needs of certain courses.

Care and support

The Care and support program for HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative clients is spearheaded by the professional nurse and the health promoters. The program offers:

  • ongoing lay-counseling to students and staff who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS/STIs or TB
  • a monthly Care and support group for students and staff infected with HIV, convened by the professional nurse

Please contact us to join the Care and support program.

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Internship and volunteer programs

The HIV/AIDS Unit provides national and international volunteer and internship opportunities to students for leadership and skills development.

Community outreach

The HIV/AIDS Unit conducts regular community outreach projects. Since 2004 the unit has an ongoing community outreach program at Malmesbury Correctional Services.

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Awareness campaigns

HIV/AIDS/STI and TB events and campaigns are conducted with the support of peer educators, health promoters and HIV/AIDS Unit staff on certain health calendar days to raise awareness. The aim of these campaigns are to empower students and staff with knowledge about HIV/AIDS/STIs and TB.


The HIV/AIDS Unit has a vigorous research program for post-graduate students; staff and post-graduate students have presented at national and international conferences. If you are interested in conducting research in the field of HIV/AIDS/STIs and TB, please do not hesitate to contact us.