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Services to learners and alumni

Prospective students

Career assessment and –counselling

Student Counselling provides career assessment and –counselling in the form of a workshop, or individual counseling, to Grade 11 and 12 learners and other prospective students who’ve completed their school education one or two years ago. This comprehensive service has a two-fold aim:

  • You will get to better know your interests, personality strengths, skills, aptitudes and values.
  • You will get to know how your personal profile relates to the career world..

You will be assisted in considering career and study options that are most suitable to your personal profile and in your decision as to what study course / career you should pursue.

A fee is charged for this comprehensive, professional service, but follow-up sessions with a student counsellor and visits to our Career Resources and –Information Centre, are free of charge. 

Career information / -advice


If you’ve been for career assessment and –counselling at Student Counselling of another university, or with a private psychologist / career counselor, and have a report on your assessment results, you are welcome to book an appointment to see one of our student counselors for additional career information and study course advice. This service is free of charge.

Any prospective student is welcome to visit our Resources Venues on our Bellville and Cape Town campuses during normal office hours (08:00 – 16:00 on week days). Our Resources Venues are well stocked and regularly updated with information on a wide range of academic institutions in South Africa and study courses offered, careers, companies and bursaries.

Our resource venues are located as follows:

  • Bellville Campus: Student Counselling, Ground Floor, Extension to the New Library Building.
  • Cape Town Campus: Student Counselling, Khulani, Room 2.503, 2nd level, Administration Building.


We offer a career planning service to ex- or alumni students of this institution, When this service include a psychometric assessment, a fee will be charged. This service is aimed at assisting you with your career pathing goals or when you consider a career change, or alternative, or advanced study options.