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Individual counselling and psychotherapy

During normal office hours (08:00 – 16:00) student counsellors (registered psychologists) and student welfare officers (social workers) are available on the Bellville, Cape Town, Mowbray and Wellington campuses of our institution. A professional counseling and therapeutic service is offered to provide in your personal, emotional, social, welfare, as well as other developmental needs.

If you are a part-time student (attending evening classes) who wishes to make use of this service, you are welcome to make arrangements with our secretary to see a student counsellor after hours.

This service is provided free of charge to our registered students. When you book an appointment, at least an hour is set aside for you to discuss your personal concerns with a student counsellor (registered psychologist) of student welfare officer (registered social worker) in a safe and confidential environment

All discussions with the student counsellors, or student welfare officers will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

When should you consider individual counseling or psychotherapy?

  • When you have problems adjusting to campus, or residence life
  • When you have a personal, emotional, welfare or relationship problem, which negatively impacts on your studies
  • When you’re experiencing a personal crisis, or have had a traumatic experience and need someone to talk to
  • When you’ve succumbed to negative peer pressure, which negatively impacts on your academic performance
  • When you have problems with substance abuse
  • When you’re exposed to domestic violence, or other forms of physical, sexual or emotional abuse, which negatively impact on your studies
  • When you have sexual orientation problems