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Transformation, Social Cohesion and Diversity

img diversityCPUT's Employment Equity Transformation Vision

To be a transformed university of excellence that embraces equity and diversity

About us

The Transformation and Diversity Office serves to engage, intervene and advise staff and students on all matters relating to transformation and diversity at the university. The office has oversight responsibilities on broad transformation issues within the university. Its scope covers development of transformation strategy and implementation plan, awareness raising, employment equity, broad based black empowerment and affirmative procurement, diversity monitoring and evaluation and adherence to the principles of the institutional transformation, social cohesion and diversity charter.

Social Cohesion

The institution aims at forging unity of purpose among staff and students through its Vision, Mission, Strategic Plan and values in promoting a new institutional culture at CPUT.


The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect, the institution therefore embraces diversity and firmly subscribes to the notion of unity in diversity, it also values what each staff member and student from diverse cultures, religions, classes of society and of various ages brings to the community.

What is transformation?

Transformation is about change, it is a continuing process and is meant to create or anticipate the future and it is also a transition from a particular (existing) state to a desired end state. The transformation journey also calls for dislocation from comfort zones and experimenting with new ideas and novel situations. In any situation of change there will be resistance as well as opportunity for exploration and innovation.

History of transformation

CPUT as a new entity was conceived through the national process of ‘Restructuring of the Higher Education Landscape’. In the past four years the University has seen the writing of new policies that help translate the new order for all practitioners. A new Vision and Mission as well as a Strategic Plan have been crafted. New values – equity, excellence, ubuntu, democracy, integrity, innovation, respect, accountability – have been adapted as the informing value system for the University.