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Business Intelligence

The Department of Institutional Planning is responsible for the provision of business intelligence (or management information) to the University community.

The department fulfils this function mainly through the development and maintenance of data dashboards that are available via the University’s MIS Portal and its Home Page. The information is available to users whenever they need it, wherever they might be.

The “Facts and Stats” dashboard on CPUT’s Home Page is available to the general public. It provides a number of graphs showing recent data and trends in student enrolments, student success, and staff. It also has some useful links to other sources of information on higher education in South Africa.

The dashboard can be accessed at the following address:

The MIS Portal is available to all CPUT staff on the University’s password-protected Intranet. The default “CPUT Dashboard” provides a number of data cubes (similar to Excel pivot tables) that allow users to “slice and dice” data according to their needs.

Detailed information is available on student applications, student enrolments, students in residence, and student success (graduates, pass rates, and throughput rates). Staff data, research publications, subsidy data, and space data are also provided.

Other dashboards focus on specific facets of CPUT’s data. These include an Enrolment Monitor, which tracks enrolments in relation to the University’s targets; a Residence Monitor, which tracks the number of students in residence against the capacity of each residence; and a Viability dashboard that gives an indication of the economic viability of faculties and departments.

The Department of Institutional Planning provides regular reports to various University committee’s, such as the Academic Planning Committee, the Institutional Strategic Planning Committee, the Student Administration Committee, and the Business ICT Committee.

It assists in the development of University planning documents, such as the Student Enrolment Plan and the Annual Performance Plan; and it provides data for the assessment of the University’s performance against its pre-determined objectives, which forms part of the Annual Report.