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Mathematics support

This programme performs the following functions or duties:

  • Supporting student learning in mathematics
  • Developing appropriate teaching and learning materials to enhance student learning
  • Developing computer-based mathematics learning material
  • Undertaking research on mathematics teaching
  • Performing administrative functions

Mathematics support assists students with study skills in the learning of mathematics.

This encompasses:

  • Individual consultation: the student brings a mathematical problem on a specific topic, then a mathematics support lecturer assists them within an hour.
  • Group consultation: students are also allowed to bring their mathematical problems in groups. In this case, a workshop is scheduled and then conducted. 
  • Self-study activities are designed to allow students to work on their own
  • Team teaching: the mathematics support lecturer works in collaboration with faculty mathematics lecturers to find mathematical problem areas and provide solutions for the students’ 

Lecturers responsible for the Mathematics support programme

District Six Campus and Bellville Campus

Head of Student Learning (Acting): Najwa Norodien-Fataar

Tel: +27 21 460 3438