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Curriculum Development

About us

Transformation of higher education nationally as well as internationally has resulted in an ongoing need for curriculum review and development.  Following the publication of a new South African Higher Education Qualifications Framework in October 2007, the curriculum development unit of Fundani will be working closely with the South African Technology Network (SATN) curriculum committee and the DVC: Academic of CPUT on the development and implementation of a curriculum development and review strategy for CPUT.

The work at the national level will inform institutional and programme based curriculum development and renewal in terms of HEQF alignment.

The curriculum development unit of Fundani facilitates this renewal through engagement with programme review teams and individuals, as well as through the Curriculum Officers (CO) Forum, which aims to build capacity at a departmental as well as faculty level.  The Curriculum Officers Forum consists of faculty representatives who meet once a month to engage in discussion on various aspects pertaining to curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment.   This forum promotes continuous professional development of academic staff at CPUT.

The curriculum development unit also facilitates customised workshops and subject review sessions for departments in relation to HEQC and SAQA requirements to promote a culture of reflective practice and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Staff members of the curriculum development unit participate in the deliberations of programme review committees as well as in the development of CPUT policies, procedures and strategies pertaining to curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment.

The curriculum development unit also participates in the selection of new academic staff for the institution by assessing presentations during interviews.

Staff members of the curriculum development unit also serve on institutional and faculty teaching and learning committees to enhance teaching and learning practices and to foster closer links with academic staff at institutional and faculty level.

In addition, staff members of the curriculum development unit engage in research, focusing on curriculum and other higher education development issues that could contribute in a meaningful way towards improved teaching and learning practices at CPUT.

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For Curriculum Development enquiries, contact Dr Najwa Norodien-Fataar

Tel. +27 21 460 3438

Fundani Centre for Higher Education Development
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