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Higher Degrees Committee (HDC)

Terms of reference

Terms of reference of the Higher Degrees Committee.

Documents and forms that relate to the Higher Degrees Committee (HDC)

All supervisors and students are advised that all forms must be accompanied by a proof of registration.

No HDC 1.2 form will be processed by CPGS without ethical clearance.

All HDC 1.2 forms must be submitted within 6 months after registration.

* HDC forms are currently under revision, please contact CPGS to make sure that you have the latest forms.

Recently Updated Forms
HDC 1.7 A: Masters examiner assessment rubric
HDC 1.6 A: Conversion of Masters to Doctorate
Old Forms
HDC 1.1: Registration of topic for dissertation/ thesis
HDC 1.1 A: Memorandum of understanding HDC 1.1A
HCD 1.2: Registration of proposal for dissertation/ thesis
HDC 1.3: Supervisor's report on student progress
HDC 1.4: Appointment of additional supervisors (internal or external)
HDC 1.5: Nomination of examiner
HDC 1.8: Submission of final marks for MTech/ DTech dissertation/ thesis
HDC 1.7 D: Examiner's report on thesis
HDC 1.9: Application for interruption of studies
HDC 1.10: Change of title of dissertation/ thesis
HDC 1.11: Release of dissertation/ thesis for examination
HDC 1.12: Nomination of new internal supervisor
HDC Instructions for completion of forms
Notes on use of 2011 HDC forms

HDC meetings and submission dates for the rest of 2019

Supervisors and students are advised to adhere to their internal deadlines.

Faculty Research Committees usually sit a month before the meeting dates below.

Meeting date
Submission Date
Thursday 24 October
Noon Friday 11th October
Wednesday 6 November (Special meeting)
Noon Friday 25th October