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Postgraduate Masters and Doctoral funding

Postgraduate students at CPUT are exceptionally well supported by a wide range of bursaries funded by external organisations and by the University.

They are also offered excellent residence accommodation and international student assistance. Click here to visit the web pages of the Office of International Affairs.

Further, postgraduate students qualify to apply for research running costs from the Research Directorate. Click here to visit their website.

Current Bursary and Scholarship Opportunities: 2020 CPUT Bursary Call now open

Please take note of the Internal closing date for applications.

Opportunity Fields/ Target Internal closing date Closing date Documents

CPUT Postgraduate Bursary 2020

Registered /Prospective Masters and Doctoral students

2 December 2019


NRF Doctoral Scholarships 2020

12 July 2019


NRF Extension Support for Masters and Doctoral 2020

12 July 2019


NRF NUFFIC Doctoral Scholarships in the Netherlands for 2019

Doctoral Students, South African students and Permanent Residents

27 May 2019


CPUT Postgraduate Bursary

CPUT PG Students

Online Application

Brian O'Connell Scholarship Programme

NRF Scholarships - 2019 - Masters and Doctoral Scholarships for Full-Time

NRF Freestanding, Innovation and Scarce Skills Development Fund Scholarships


Funding guide

NRF applications: please read this document for information relating to a pending call to enable applicants to submit applications on the NRF online application system.

Past Bursary and Scholarship Opportunities

Please note that the bursaries and scholarships listed below have closed. Information about past bursary and scholarship opportunities are placed for informational purposes.


NRF - Postgraduate, Masters and Doctoral Funding
6 February 2018


Funded Postgraduate Research project
25 February 2017
DAAD NRF Scholarship
20 August 2016
CHIETA bursary
31 August 2016
Freestanding, Innovation, Scarce Skills Development Fund
Implementation framework
NRF Extension Scholarships
June 2016
Document 2
NRF Part-time doctoral
29 June 2016
Document 2
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
15 June 2016
Early career researchers from the United Kingdom
30 June 2016
Document 2
NRF Freestanding Masters Scholarship 15 February 2016 Call
Teacher education scholarships for Master's students
29 February 2016
NSFAS postgraduate bursary
11 March 2016
Mauerberger Foundation Scholarship
18 March 2016
Commonwealth Scholarships in the UK
18 November 2015
NRF TWAS Doctoral Call
2 October 2015
CPUT Postgraduate Bursary
23 September 2015
DAAD-NRF Masters and Doctoral scholarship
16 September 2015
National Research Foundation Extended Support
31 July 2015
National Research Foundation Scholarships
31 July 2015
NSFAS Postgraduate Bursary Call 2015
31 July 2015
Mauerberger Foundation Scholarship
20 March 2015
Commonwealth Scholarship in the UK
3 December 2014
Japan Scholarship Program (ABE Initiative)
1 October 2014
Department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries bursary award for 2015
30 September 2014
SANSA postgraduate bursaries
31 August 2014
NRF SKA Postgraduate Bursary Programme 2015
31 August 2014
2015 GreenMatter Fellowship Awards
29 August 2014
MRC-NRF Health Masters and Doctoral Scholarship for 2015
20 August 2014
DAAD-NRF in-country Masters and Doctoral scholarship
7 August 2014
Renewable and sustainable energy scholarship
1 August 2014
NRF Free-standing Masters and Doctoral Scholarships for 2015
1 August 2014
DAAD-NRF in-country Masters and Doctoral scholarship programme
1 August 2014
NRF Innovation Masters and Doctoral Scholarship call for 2015
1 August 2014
NRF Scarce Skills Development Fund Programme for Masters and Doctoral Scholarships 2015
1 August 2014