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University Research Funding

2017 Call for applications NOW OPEN

The Research Directorate offers an opportunity for CPUT staff, postgraduate students as well as postdoctoral fellows, to apply for research running costs for their projects through the University Research Funding. This call opens once per annum.

Deadline for online submission: Friday, 20 October 2017

PLEASE look out for your own internal faculty deadline.

Find more information on the call here

Find peer reviewer nomination agreement form here

How to apply

Apply online at

Step by step guide on how to apply

Authorisation form

Checklist form


Faculty Research Coordinator

Applied Sciences

Dr Linda Sibali

Business & Management Sciences

Prof Maurice Dassah

Education and Social Sciences

Prof Petrusa Du Toit


Prof Tunde Ojumu

Health and Wellness Sciences

Dr Dirk Bester

Informatics and Design

Prof Retha de la Harpe

2. Applicants complete the application form in full online

3. Search for experts to serve as peer reviewers for the proposal

4. Liaise with peer reviewers and obtain four agreement forms per proposal to accompany the application form

5. Submit your application together with peer reviewer agreement forms and all other supporting document to your faculty research coordinator in both hard and soft copy (clear and readable).

For more information or any other questions/comments, please contact us at