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Graduation: Faculty of Business and Management Sciences Official start: December 10 @ 7:00 pm. Duration: 2h 30m


As a child Dr Barbara Boswell dreamed of being a writer but without the influence of excellent black South African female writers the young girl expected the dream to remain just that- a dream.

Building race cars must rank high on the list of dream jobs and one CPUT alumnus is doing just that.

Thanks to a renewed agreement between CPUT and the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA), scores of CPUT’s Engineering and Science Department students have been awarded bursaries to help finance their studies.

Due to robust interest from CPUT supporters and alumni, the deadline for the closing date for nominations for alumni to serve as Executive members of the CPUT Alumni Association (CPUT AA) has been extended until this Friday 29th July.

The Cape Town and Hewat College Memorial Trust, who’ve funded many of CPUT’s Foundation Phase Education students, have been honoured at a recent get-together at CPUT’s Mowbray Campus.

CPUT’s commitment to nurturing post-graduate students and increasing research outputs has been given a boost, thanks to a partnership with the Professional Provident Society (PPS).

A collaboration between CPUT and the Wholesale and Retail Sector Training Authority (W&RSETA) has been lauded for boosting the development and transformation of South Africa’s retail sector.