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Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Master’s student publishes “rare” third journal article

ACADEMIC SENSATION: Chemical Engineering Master’s student Maghmood Palmer is living his dream after his third journal article has been accepted. ACADEMIC SENSATION: Chemical Engineering Master’s student Maghmood Palmer is living his dream after his third journal article has been accepted.

Chemical Engineering Master’s student Maghmood Palmer who is completing his master’s degree is thrilled after his third journal article was accepted recently.

“Which is very rare or never been heard of for a master’s student at CPUT”, says his supervisor, Dr Mahabubur Chowdhury. Maghmood has co-authored a paper submitted in July 2020 and was a lead author for a paper published in September and his third paper got accepted recently, for which he is a lead author.

He says: “Completing this achievement is a joyous occasion as it is quite difficult to please a peer review committee within the scientific field.”

Maghmood says he was introduced to the scientific lab (biotechnologists) at CPUT by his sister when he was still in Grade 11, “where I immediately fell in love”. He started at CPUT in 2014 at the age of 18, graduated with his national diploma in 2016, and BTech in 2017.  The intelligent student plans to graduate with his Master’s degree at the next graduation ceremony, scheduled for April 2021.

He says: “The endless possibilities of what could be created, analysed or destroyed amazed me. However, I also loved working with my hands, so the perfect conclusion was to combine engineering and laboratory chemistry and therefore I am a chemical engineer.”

Looking back, Maghmood reminisces: “I would not have changed my choice [choosing CPUT], because I have enjoyed my time at CPUT. I have made great friends, became part of a community with CPUT students, and gained tons of valuable information from the staff. Obviously, there were challenges, but life always gives you lemons, it just depends on how much sugar you need to make that lemonade.”

Chowdhury, who is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Chemical Engineering, says Maghmood has been excellent throughout his master’s degree and required minimal supervision and that his writing skills have improved significantly. “I don't know of any Master’s student in the Faculty of Engineering who has published three papers in very good DHET accredited journals,” he declares.

The supervisor adds: “Please bear in mind that Master’s students are not required to publish any paper (rather a proof of submission is required together with a pass from all examiners) to graduate.”

He says only PhD candidates (thesis-based) are needed to publish a paper (together with a pass from all examiners) to graduate. “Here he is going for a third paper to be published. It should give you an idea of the remarkable work he has done.” 

Maghmood aspires to use his expertise to create a better country, “which is an extremely difficult accomplishment”.

“However, I would settle on passing on my knowledge to the next generation of engineers so that as a collective we could accomplish the goal of creating a better South Africa.”

Here are the links to Maghmood’s published journal articles:

Written by Aphiwe Boyce


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