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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Digital graduation celebrates success

CELEBRATION: The digital graduation ceremonies on June 25 will be a first for CPUT. CELEBRATION: The digital graduation ceremonies on June 25 will be a first for CPUT.

CPUT will be celebrating the dedication and hard work of 1 209 graduates during our first-ever digital graduation on June 25.

The Autumn Graduation series traditionally takes place in April but the restriction on mass gatherings and the lockdown meant that the ceremony could not take place.

Digital graduation ceremonies differ from virtual graduations by lending a more personal touch. Individual students will be recognised by having their qualifications conferred upon them instead of a blanket conferral of all qualifications.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Chris Nhlapo said great effort was made to make the graduation more than just a blanket conferral.
“We wanted to ensure that all graduates were recognised properly,” he said.
“Graduations are one of the highlights of the academic calendar and we wanted to celebrate it appropriately.”    

The ceremonies will be customised with a picture of the graduate and a personalised message. The slide will the downloadable and sharable.

The ceremonies can be viewed on the CPUT YouTube channel, under the Digital Graduation 2020 playlist from 10 am. It can also be viewed on the Digital Graduation web page:

The graduates include 113 Masters graduates and 21 who have earned their doctorates.

 Graduates can use the hashtag #CPUTDigitalGrad on social media posts.

Written by Ilse Fredericks


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