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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Postgraduate students welcomed

WELCOME: Members of the Ubuntu Postgraduate Forum. WELCOME: Members of the Ubuntu Postgraduate Forum.

Postgraduate students recently received a warm welcome to CPUT.

The event, held at the Auditorium on the Bellville campus, was organised by the Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPGS)

The students received an overview of the services and support available to them including from Students Affairs, CPGS, CPUT Libraries and Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships.

“You are special to our country because you constitute the approximately four percent of this country’s population that will be possess such a degree. You are special for another reason: the value of the research that you will be doing,” said Prof Dina Burger, Director of the CPGS.

“Every day I want you to tell yourself: ‘I can do it’”.

She encouraged the Masters students to pursue their doctoral degrees next.

The event also saw the launch of the Ubuntu Postgraduate Forum, an umbrella body for postgraduate students.

Its aims include uniting postgraduates and promoting intellectual and academic interactions among researchers at CPUT and fostering good relationships between postgraduate students and the CPGS.

Students interested in joining the forum can send an email to

Written by Ilse Fredericks


Provides coverage for the Health and Wellness Sciences and Informatics and Design Faculties.