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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Infrastructure projects taking shape

RESTORATION: The Multipurpose Hall on the District Six campus will be restored to full functionality. RESTORATION: The Multipurpose Hall on the District Six campus will be restored to full functionality.

A range of exciting infrastructure projects across CPUT campuses are taking shape.

The purpose of these projects is to restore and upgrade facilities and ultimately improve the student and staff experience.

The projects include the installation of a clear view fence on District Six campus. The contractor recently commenced with work.

On the same campus work on the restoration of the Multipurpose Hall has also begun. The first phase of this project was to get the venue ready for end of year assessments. Once the assessments are completed the second phase will commence and focus on restoring the venue to full functionality.

One of the bigger projects on the Bellville campus has been the construction of the new Chemical Engineering building. Major construction has been completed and the building is expected to be ready for occupation in the new academic year.

A new student residence for the Wellington campus is being planned. The process to appoint a consulting team is underway.

Several other projects are at various stages of completion. These include:

  • Design development work for the restoration of the Student Development Building on Bellville campus has begun.
  • The process to appoint a contractor to refurbish Freedom Square Residence and St Peters Residence is in progress.
  • The process of appointing a contractor for the restoration of the Ikamva Building on District Six campus has begun.
  • With the summer season on the way work on air-conditioning systems on various campuses has started.
Written by Ilse Fredericks


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