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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Appointment of Dr Chris Nhlapo as Vice-Chancellor

APPOINTMENT: Vice-Chancellor Dr Chris Nhlapo APPOINTMENT: Vice-Chancellor Dr Chris Nhlapo

The Chairperson of the CPUT Council, Ms Nogolide Nojozi, has announced the appointment of Dr Chris Nhlapo as the new Vice-Chancellor of CPUT. 

The university embarked on an extensive and robust selection process, which was transparent, inclusive and credible, in order to guarantee a fair outcome. This process included the appointment of an external executive recruitment specialist, a public presentation by the shortlisted candidates to the university community and an intensive interview conducted by a diverse panel representing stakeholders from various constituencies at the institution.

On conclusion of the above processes, the Search and Selection Committee for Senior Appointments thoroughly debated the appointability of the candidates as well as the merits of the appointment. Ultimately, the committee recommended the appointment of Dr Nhlapo on a 5-year fixed term contract.

The CPUT Council is confident that the Process for the Appointment of Senior Management was conducted in a fair and transparent manner, having due regard to the relevant and applicable prescripts, hence the recommendation was unanimously endorsed at Senate and also unanimously accepted by Council.

“Council unanimously supported Dr Nhlapo’s appointment and looks forward to working with him to implement the CPUT Vision 2030. I also call on all university stakeholders to give Nhlapo the necessary support during his tenure as Vice Chancellor,” said Nojozi.

Dr Nhlapo has been serving as acting Vice-Chancellor since August 2017.

“As Acting Vice-Chancellor Dr Nhlapo did an excellent job stabilising campuses and ensuring the continuation of the academic programme under very trying conditions in 2017,” said Nojozi.
He previously held the position of the first ever Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research, Technology Innovation and Partnerships at CPUT. During that tenure he authored the Research, Technology and Innovation Blueprint for the institution that underpins the university’s Vision 2020. This blueprint is based on 7 focus areas based on the university’s strengths which are bio-economy and biotechnology, space science and technology, energy, climate change and environment, human and social dynamics (including issues related to service delivery), economic growth and international competitiveness and design for sustainability.

Dr Nhlapo has occupied a number of senior positions at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and Science Councils. He was the Head of Chemistry at the Universities of the North and the Free State before joining the National Research Foundation (NRF). One of his many highlights whilst employed by the NRF was the development of various strategic documents and guidelines on strengthening the HEIs Management and Leadership Capabilities in establishing research collaborations support and sustaining existing research collaborations.

“I am thrilled and humbled to be appointed as the third Vice-Chancellor of CPUT. The task I face is complex. During my acting period, I started with the conceptual underpinning of Vision 2030 for the institution. I am looking forward to completing this plan and rolling it out to enable the institution to respond to the challenges such as the 4th Industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, sustainable development and South Africa’s National Development Plan,” said Dr Nhlapo.

Written by CPUT News