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Friday, 06 July 2018

Republished: Tv star attributes industry breakthrough to CPUT Featured

ON SET: A scene from the new SABC 2 drama series, Signal Hill, on which CPUT alumnus Daluxolo Xusha (centre) plays Zachariah “Zakes” Thafeni. ON SET: A scene from the new SABC 2 drama series, Signal Hill, on which CPUT alumnus Daluxolo Xusha (centre) plays Zachariah “Zakes” Thafeni.

Alumnus Daluxolo Xusha, who stars in an upcoming drama series on SABC2, says his experience as a CPUT student prepared him for his acting career.  

Dalu, as he is popularly known, graduated with a National Diploma in Consumer Science: Food and Nutrition last year and is currently finishing the shoot for the new drama, Signal Hill.

The 13 week-long series is a teen drama set in a Cape Town Model C School populated by children whose parents are in the LSM Group 5-8. The population is diverse and for the most part the students conform to school rules and regulations.

“I wouldn't be where I am today without the preparation and training I received from CPUT Arts Society,” says the tenacious actor. “The Society has prepared me for this role by giving us opportunities to perform around CPUT campuses as well as on big stages such as the National Arts Festival and the Cultural Week Festival at the Namibia University of Science and Technology.”

He expressed his gratitude for the consistent support he enjoyed from Student Development Officers Marysa Leukes and Anette Grobler with whom he worked during his time at the Society as well as when he was the chairperson of the CPUT Green Campus Initiative, a student society which promotes environmental care.

In Signal Hill Dalu plays Zachariah Thafeni who is called "Zakes" by his peers.

”Zakes is a young man who is loved by everyone at school and he follows my real name (Daluxolo) as he is the peace-maker between his friends Winnie and Amanda. But he has one big secret that no one knows about until one of his friends calls him out on it, something which ends up changing his life at school.”

Signal Hill starts airing from the 29 June at 17:00 on SABC 2 every Friday at the same time for 13 weeks.

Dalu will also be starring in two upcoming tv series later this year.

Written by Kwanele Butana


Provides coverage for the Business and Management Sciences and Education Faculties, Student Affairs Department and Cape Town and Mowbray Campuses.