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Monday, 27 March 2017

Operate with integrity

WELL DONE: Graduates from the Faculty of Engineering WELL DONE: Graduates from the Faculty of Engineering

Operate with integrity.

This is according to businessman Matiki Chikala, who urged CPUT graduates to be credible and honest citizens.

Chikala, who is the founder of the organisation Mago Resources, addressed the class of 2016 at the Faculty of Engineering graduation. The ceremony is the second graduation in a series of 16 ceremonies, which will run throughout this week.

Mago says South Africa has “contaminated moral environments” and that it is up to new graduates to operate with integrity, be solution seekers and solution providers.

“Go out there and instill your moral compasses in society,” he says.

“Do everything with integrity. Please do not lose it… we need agents of change in our communities.”

Mago says graduates are equipped with the tools to change the world and must use it to make it a better place. He also urged the graduating class to approach all their activities with a positive attitude and to develop goals and purpose.

“Develop a ‘whatever it takes mindset’,” says Mago.

Written by Candes Keating

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