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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Hard work is necessary for success

WELL DONE: Engineering MTech graduates, Laura Pinfold, Bukola Solanke and Leonel Sobrinho WELL DONE: Engineering MTech graduates, Laura Pinfold, Bukola Solanke and Leonel Sobrinho

Engineering graduates were urged to work hard, practice integrity and remain committed in order to achieve success in life.

These words of advice were shared by graduation guest speaker Fani Titi, the non-executive Chairman of Investec Limited, who is testament to the fact that hard work pays off.

Despite growing up in an impoverished community, Titi became a captain of industry.

Reflecting on his life journey, Titi says nothing of value can or has ever been achieved without hard work.

“The sometimes painful years you have spent here (CPUT) is a good reminder that hard work is necessary for success. Take this lesson into the rest of your life, it will profit you handsomely,” he says.

“But also realize that success is a process and not an overnight event. Today’s society has gotten hooked on cheap and unenduring success. Satisfaction today and costs tomorrow.”.

Graduates were also urged to consistently do their best despite the challenges they may face.

img-Hard-work-is-necessary-for-success--2WORDS OF ADVICE: Vice-Chancellor, Dr Prins Nevhutalu with graduation guest speaker Fani Titi

“Sometimes doors will close in your face. But if you keep at it, other doors will open. The lives of great business and political leaders are littered with failure, but they never quit, they rose again.”

Although skill is necessary to achieve success in life, Titi says “passion and commitment is the fire that will keep graduates going.”

He also cautioned the graduating class to view their graduation as only part of their journey and to not feel that they have now arrived.

“Continue to perfect your skill, seek passion and follow it relentlessly.”


The Autumn Graduation series will run for this entire week with a total of 6894 students getting capped.

News of CPUT’s extraordinary alumni can be found in our Grad Mag 2016.

Written by Candes Keating

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Provides coverage for the Engineering and Applied Sciences Faculties; the Bellville and Wellington Campuses, and research and innovation news.