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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

HIV/ Aids Unit reaches out to inmates

REACHING OUT:  A delegation from the HIV/ AIDS unit and Swedish universities visited inmates at the Malmesbury Correctional Centre

The university’s HIV/ AIDS Unit is involved in community outreach at the Malmesbury Correctional Centre.

As a result of the unit’s ongoing activities at the prison, an inmate who is a Peer Educator trained by the HIV/AIDS Unit, detected two possible TB suspect cases using the TB Screening instrument developed by the unit.

This was as the result of Craig Daniels’ participation in the World TB Awareness Campaign at the Centre.

Daniels referred inmates who showed signs and symptoms of TB to the centre’s clinic and as a result, one was confirmed to have active TB and placed on treatment.

During the campaign, Daniels encouraged 104 inmates to sign the TB Pledge on signs and symptoms.

Associate Professor Ashraf Mohammed says the HIV/ AIDS Unit has worked with the prison since 2004.

The unit has conducted various workshops on HIV/ Aids, initiated a sewing project as well as a vegetable garden project at the prison. 

The unit donated sewing machines and arranged for a postgraduate student to conduct a short course in fashion design and sewing at the centre.

During the unit’s last visit to the prison, inmates requested donations of fabric, needles, buttons and seeds for their projects.   

The successful visit was aimed to showcase the unit‘s outreach programme to its visitors from Sweden who also made presentations to the inmates.

By Kwanele Butana


Written by CPUT News