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Wednesday, 06 June 2012

Think green

BIG DAY: World Environment day is in its 40th year

Reduce, re-use, recycle and re-think was the main message as CPUT cleaning staff celebrated world environment day this week.

Event organiser Regina Sikhosana says the information session was tailored to the cleaning staff because they are at the forefront of most environmental challenges facing the institution.

Guest speaker Graham Kallis from the Maintenance Department explained how the simple act of using the wrong tissue paper can have devastating effects.

“Every three months we have to spend thousands to clean blocked drains because people use hand towels instead of toilet paper,” he says.

“This is a lot of money being wasted and demonstrates the importance of the supply of toilet paper.”

He also encouraged the cleaners to ensure they used the adequate protection gear while working.

“It is not an easy task being a cleaner. You have to work with dust and germs and these things can harm you so protect yourself,” he says.

Malcolm Smith from Waste Man Holdings encouraged the cleaners to introduce recycling initiatives in their homes and work.

He also explained the recycling process of a number of products like tin, glass and paper.

The afternoon ended with a Q and A session where the cleaners could get information on a number of problems like where to dump hazardous products and electrical goods.

Each guest was given a goodie bag filled with health conscious snacks to thank them for their attendance.


Written by CPUT News