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Courses/ Consultation

The CPUT WARC (Website Attributes Research centre) offers the course and consultation sessions as listed below. Detail about costing can be provided, and depends on each situation (for example, possibly combining two shorter sessions on the same day could reduce the overall price).

Short sessions, no evaluation

S04. Introduction to Website Visibility 1x 90 min

S06. Applied Website Visibility - Faculty/University homepage analysis. 1x 120 min

S08. Introduction to Academic Visibility. 1x 90 min

S10. Post Graduate Student Supervision - 1x 90 min

S12. Research in Website Attributes. 1x 90 min

Medium-length sessions, evaluation optional

M04. Academic Visibility - Search Engines 2x 90 min

M06. Academic Visibility - Google Scholar   2x 90 min

M08. Teaching With Technology 2x 90 min 2014

Longer courses, with evaluation

L04. WebVisSE-7 16 hrs 2x Evaluation

L06. WebVisSE-8 50 hrs 3x Evaluation


C04. New domain/website, choices, costs

C06. Basic Site Audit. Inspect homepage, comments on it, 2-3 pages

C08. SME Site Audit. C06 + comparison with 3x competitors, 6-8 pages

C10. Detailed Site Audit. C08 + more detail, 12-15 pages

C12. Complete Site Audit. C10 + suggested solutions, 20-25 pages

C14. Expanded Site Audit. C12 for multiple pages, up to 10x

C16. Academic Digital Library - code supplied, user and admin functions