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Website Attributes Research Centre (WARC)

This CPUT Research Centre is managed by Prof Melius Weideman, and leads in cutting edge research in South Africa on two fronts.

Website Visibility is the study of increasing the regularity and success rate of search engine crawler visitations to a website. These will lead to a higher ranking on search engine result pages.

Website Usability focuses on improving the Internet user experience. This is achieved by research on the combination of the factors contributing to the success of user interactions with websites.

Achieving synergy between these two website attributes remains  a major challenge in the field, since some contradictions exist when attempting to implement both on the same webpage.

Strong interaction with the SEO industry, specifically in  Cape Town, marks the modus operandi of this Research Centre, including training courses offered to industry, regular SEO seminars  and  collaboration with small and large companies on their websites.