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Vision and Mission

Mission statement

Pursuing excellence in research and innovation and strengthening student and staff capacity to serve both industry and the community.


To be an inspiration to students and staff and a recognised leader in innovative research.


  • Integrity in thought and action
  • Student orientated supervision and responsible mentoring
  • Objectivity in all aspects of research
  • Support community upliftment through technology innovation
  • Non-discrimination and respect for colleagues
  • Support workplace diversity
  • Openness to new ideas and peer-review
  • Maintain and manage knowledge transfer


  • Encourage interaction with industry and the community to improve knowledge transfer, learning and development
  • Actively seek national and international partnerships in research
  • Increase research outputs (postgraduates; publications; conferences)
  • Cultivate a supportive environment for postgraduate learning and innovation
  • Encourage staff development and interaction in research
  • Establish and maintain sound relationships with students
  • Encourage and support entrepreneurship