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These key areas primarily focus on existing strengths and expertise within the Centre and many initiatives involve more than one area. The Centre provides a bridge between the purely academic environment of the University, and the practical commercial application.

As a research institute, the Centre is open to ideas and suggestions from anyone in areas related to its capabilities.

The CIR has developed capacity in the following areas:

Research focus
  • Ultrasonics
  • Audio Engineering
  • Dr Richardt Wilkinson
  • Jacques Wheeler
  • Tertius du Bruyn
  • Transformer condition monitoring
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Mass sensing solutions
  • Orientation and position sensing
  • Energy harvesting systems for wireless sensor networks
  • Prof. Gerhard de Jager
  • Dr Richardt Wilkinson
  • Jacques Wheeler
  • Shaun Kaplan
Networks and embedded systems
  • Wireless internet gateway systems
  • Wireless sensor networks for transformer condition monitoring
  • Dr Richardt Wilkinson
  • Shaun Kaplan
Power electronics
  • Permanent hub motors
  • Variable speed drives for permanent magnet motors
  • Multilevel inverters
  • Class-D audio amplifiers
  • Kite generators
  • Power electronics for renewable energy applications
  • Application specific power supplies, e.g. ultrasonic applications
  • Reconfigurable power electronic controllers
  • Prof. Ian de Vries
  • Dr Richardt Wilkinson
  • Jacques Wheeler
Signal processing
  • Spectral analysis using Fourier and Wavelet techniques
  • Image processing
  • Many-Core processor architecture development
  • Development of hardware and software for embedded systems
  • Prof. Gerhard de Jager
  • Andrew van der Byl
RF and microwave electronics
  • Design of low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, filters and oscillators
  • Clive Whaits