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Applied Sciences

The vision of the Faculty of Applied Sciences is “to be the faculty of choice in science and technology, nationally and in Africa”. This is clearly aligned to the vision of CPUT which is “to be the heart of technology education in Africa”. We count it an opportunity for us in the faculty the relevance of all our current programmes to priority skills needs of government and industries. All our programmes are also relevant within the context of CPUT as a University of Technology. Also the applied nature of our academic programmes and research endear us to so many partners locally, nationally and internationally and to industries.

In its new strategic plan, the faculty set some objectives for itself, some of which are:

  • to promote quality in the delivery of its academic programmes (with regular reviews of its programmes in order to further make it more relevant to skills need of government and industries) and to improve the graduation and success rates of its students;
  • to improve the quality and profile of its academic staff and to increase the number of its permanent academic staff in order to further improve the quality of teaching and learning of all academic programmes being offered by the faculty;
  • to improve the quality of its under graduate students, increase their enrolment and graduation rates and to adequately prepare them for the world of work;
  • to promote research and innovation culture and to increase research outputs of its academic staff;
  • To increase the enrolment of graduate students, particularly D Techs and to substantially increase their graduation rate.
  • to substantially increase the number of community engagement projects;
  • to increase the number of research linkages and partnerships locally, regionally and internationally, especially in Africa;
  • to promote equity (including equitable access to undergraduate and postgraduate education) and diversity and to create and sustain a general enabling environment for all faculty staff to pursue the core academic business of the faculty.

These and other objectives we are pursuing vigorously in the faculty to make the academic programmes of the faculty become some of the best in the country.

We take pride in our ability to equip students with required skills (graduate attributes) to meet industrial, regional and national skills requirements through our career-oriented academic programs. We equally take pride in the faculty’s research programmes which are applied in nature and have great potential to contributing to local, regional and national development.

The faculty is excited about the new Food Processing Plant with state of the art equipment as part of CPUT consolidation programme in Bellville Campus. This will make our Food Technology Programme one of the best in the country. Our Horticulture, Consumer Science, Food & Nutrition and Biotechnology Programmes will also soon benefit from the current consolidation programme of CPUT. We have put up a bold growth plan in faculty which will see to the development of new academic programmes, creation of new research nice areas and units and expansion of our current research units/centres.

In few years to come, I envision the faculty’s vision of becoming the faculty of choice for science and technology in the country being realised. I thank all staff and students of the faculty for their continued contributions to the academic project of the faculty towards making this vision become a reality.”

Prof Olalekan Fatoki
Dean of Applied Sciences