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The Vice-Chancellor’s Prestigious Achievers Award

VC ACHIEVERS AWARD MINI WALL BANNER - PRINT copyThe Vice-Chancellor received numerous requests from “academically performing” students and staff to fund the education of students at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT).

The purpose of the award is to financially aid CPUT students in completing their Masters and/ or Doctoral studies, who have achieved excellent results throughout their academic studies and who show a potential contribution to society.

It will be bestowed annually to deserving students who have shown academic excellence and an embodiment of the CPUT graduate attributes.

Criteria, preference and eligibility for funding:

  1. students, preferably South African citizens
  2. must be registered for a Masters and or a Doctoral degree at CPUT
  3. Students who have achieved excellent results such as 75% and above
  4. applicant must not have been found guilty of any misconduct or unethical conduct, including the court of law. Any false information in the application will automatically disqualify the applicant
  5. Students who have a proven track record of exceptional achievements

Preference for funding will be given to Vice-Chancellor’s Medallists. Then Deans Medallist’s will be considered.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Prestigious Awardees will be funded for a maximum period of two years for a Masters degree and three years for a Doctoral degree.
The amount of the award will be at the Vice-Chancellor’s discretion.

Step 1: the Application process

How to apply:

  1. Go to OPA
  2. Login with their CPUT credentials
  3. After logging in, navigate to the tab to the left-hand side which is titled "Apply Awards App" 
  4. Click on the drop-down that says "Apply for VC Awards"

Application closes on 30th August 2019.

The following support documents must be included in your submission:

  1. a letter of motivation
  2. submission of an accepted research topic
  3. Curriculum Vitae (CV) with contact details of all supervisors
  4. a confidential declaration from the main supervisor, indicating that the Master’s research project was independently carried out by the student
  5. deserving candidates suggested by the Vice-Chancellor will also be able to submit an application motivated by the Vice-Chancellor

Step 2: Short-listing of candidates

Potential awardees may be requested to provide more information.

Step 3: Student presentations

The short-listed candidates will be invited to do a presentation to the committee outlining their achievements, research intentions and provide a motivation for why they should be considered for this prestigious award.

Step 4: Contacting the successful candidates and presentation of awards

Successful candidates will be contacted and invited to a special ceremony.

Step 5: Funding and management of the award.

  1. the money will be deposited into the student’s fee account
  2. if the student receives another award, for example, NRF will use discretion to determine the amount of this award
  3. progress made by the candidates who have received awards; will be annually monitored by the committee
  4. the management of the funds will be presented to the committee when it meets

Thank you to the donors for providing the funding for the Prestigious Awards. The award is a contribution towards stimulating postgraduate studies at CPUT, building the next generation of academics and in transforming the education sector.

Good luck to all applicants.

Get a copy of the Vice-Chancellors Donor Address speech that he gave at the 2019 Prestigious Achievers Award Ceremony.
Download the speech