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Institutional Forum

The Institutional Forum (IF) is a statutory body, established in terms of the Higher Education Act of 1997 and Section 40 of the CPUT Statute. The IF is elected from a broad range of stakeholders, and includes representatives from inter alia Senate, Executive Management, external councillors, academic and non-academic staff, unions and students.

Roles and responsibilities

The function of the IF is to deliberate and advise Council on a wide range of issues affecting the institution. The Higher Education Act specifically notes as part of the IF’s brief:

  • national policy
  • race and gender equity policies
  • selection of candidates for senior management positions
  • codes of conduct and procedures for dispute resolution
  • fostering an institutional culture of respect and tolerance
  • the implementation of the Higher Education Act and national policy on higher education
  • other functions as may be delegated or assigned to it by council

Institutional Forum members

Two members of Council
1. Mr B Ngqentsu
2. Mr S Ngxiza
Organiser: National Union of Mine Workers
Researcher: Parliament (RSA)
Two members of Senate
1. Ms M Silo
2. Dr L Gie
HOD: Sports, Events & Tourism Hospitality
HOD: Human Resources Management
Two members of Management
1. Mr Sello Simon Mokoena
2. Prof O Fatoki
Dean: Applied Sciences
One member of Convocation 
1. Ms N Figlan
Principal Environmental Health Practitioner
One member of Student Services Committee
1. Prof C Johnson
Two members of CPUEU
1. Adv N Leach
2. Prof R Chetty
Lecturer: Unit for Applied Law
Head of Research: Literacy, Development and Poverty Unit
Two members of NTEU
1. Ms M Pike
2. Mr H Thys
Senior Lecturer: Public Relations
Lecturer: GET Education
Two members of NEHAWU
1. Mr A Moses
(Deputy Chairperson)
2. Mr S Hlongwane
CTS: IT Engineer
Two members of NAPSWU
1. Mr B Msengi
2. Mr Z Mfusi
Lecturer: Tourism Management
Senior caretaker: Facilities Management
Two members of SRC
1. Ms M Madikizela 
2. P Mncamase
Secretary General
Two members of Non-Academic Staff
1. Mr D Nel
2. Vacant
Procurement Assistant: Finance
Two members of Academic Staff
1. Vacant

Institutional Forum Code of Conduct

The IF at CPUT grew out of the old Transformation Forums. While it is now a statutory body, it still retains much of its earlier culture and traditions. The IF

  • provides a Forum to a very wide range of stakeholders — probably more so than any other single entity in the University,
  • strives to provide a non-threatening environment where all members of the CPUT community and its stakeholders can freely express their opinions,
  • values the opinions of all members, and places a premium on honest and open contributions,
  • has a tradition of open and robust debate,
  • operates in a spirit of collegial respect for the viewpoints of other members, and
  • values professionalism.

The IF has always strived for consensus rather than winner-takes-all democracy in formulating its position and consequent advice to Council. It is very rare for votes to be taken at IF meetings.

In order to promote an environment wherein debate can be robust yet respectful and considerate yet productive, the IF will:

  • make its minutes (once ratified) available to anybody who wishes to see them,
  • treat the detail of discussions as privileged and count on members to respect that,
  • welcome visitors and observers to its meetings (excepting the rare meetings that need to be confidential for good reason), and
  • count on members to arrive at meetings prepared and — having previously consulted with their constituencies and stakeholders — with required mandates.

Last updated: 8 December 2017