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COVID-19 Information

CPUT Contingency Plans/Protocols

Dear Staff and Students

Yesterday the National Department of Health announced that vaccinations are now open for all adults over the age of 18. As such, staff and students are all eligible for vaccination and are encouraged to register on the OPA and EVDS systems. For those who have already registered on the OPA, appointments will be send out from today for next week. Appointments from the OPA registration list are booked weekly and those registered on the OPA will receive an email to confirm their appointment time and date. Staff and students are encouraged to also register on the EVDS before going to any vaccination centre as this will speed up the process significantly.   

EVDS Registration Link: . The portal was expected to open for the over 18 age group at midnight yesterday. 

Please note that as the demand for vaccination is expected to be high at all vaccination sites, centres will only be able to service walk-in clients if spare capacity allows. Staff and students who receive appointments are requested to respect their appointment dates and times to avoid overcrowding at vaccination sites. In addition to the CPUT Vaccination Centre, staff and students can go to any other public or private vaccination centre, and a list of additional vaccination sites is attached.

We have a clear directive from the Department of Health to follow the prioritisation shown below as pertaining to bookings, and accepting walk-in clients. Walk-in clients will be asked to wait as booked appointments will be prioritised. We will assist walk-in clients only if our capacity allows. Walk-in clients will be prioritised using the categories below;

  • ·Priority 1: Persons over the age of 60 years for first dose
  • ·Priority 2: Persons over the age of 60 years for second dose
  • ·Priority 3: Persons over the age of 50 for first or second dose
  • ·Priority 4: Persons over the age of 35 for first dose or second dose
  • ·Priority 5: Persons over the age of 18 to 34 first dose

In addition to the process outlined above, CPUT is currently in negotiation with the WCDoH to increase our vaccination centre capacity and secure additional dedicated slots for students at specified DoH facilities as from September 2021 to ensure that we can provide sufficient vaccination capacity to vaccinate our student population as rapidly as possible. Further and more detailed information on this process will be communicated in due course.

Who is currently eligible to be vaccinated at the CPUT Vaccination Centre?

All staff and students over the age of 18 years. 

How do I get an appointment at CPUT?

Those who are eligible can register for an appointment by clicking the following link: Log into the OPA, and the COVID-19 Vaccination Registration link will be present in the top menu options. Once you have completed the registration form the vaccination team will make contact via email, providing a date and time for your appointment. 

What should I bring with me to my appointment? 

  • ·    All clients are requested to bring their ID document or drivers licence and a staff or student card

What to expect when you arrive at the CPUT Vaccination Centre for your appointment?

On arrival at the Centre on the date of the appointment, clients will go through a COVID-19 screening process and will then be booked into the centre. Clients who are not already registered on the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) will be assisted to do so (this can prolong the process of vaccination by up to 30 minutes, clients are encouraged to register beforehand if they can)

Clients will then undergo a vaccination pre-screening process as well as a consent process for receiving the vaccine. Once completed, the vaccination will be administered after which clients will be seated in an observation area for 15 to 30 minutes. On completion of the observation period, clients will be booked for their follow-up slot for their second dose of the vaccine (If receiving the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine). 

Can I get an appointment for my life partner, spouse or family members at the CPUT Vaccination Centre?

No, CPUT bookings are for CPUT staff and students only. The CPUT Vaccination Centre does accept public bookings via the EVDS, as such if your life partner, spouse or family member is booked at the centre by the EVDS we will assist them. The CPUT Vaccination Centre will also accept public walk-ins, however our capacity for assisting walk-ins is limited and persons without appointments will be asked to wait until we can confirm that some of our booked appointments have not arrived before they can be assisted.

What happens if I cannot attend my appointment or miss my appointment?

Due to the number of appointments currently being managed we are not in a position to book appointments based on client preference or request. If you miss your appointment we will rebook your appointment up to a maximum of three times on alternate dates, similar to the EVDS at the first available opportunity. After the third missed appointment you will need to make contact with the centre directly to reactivate your booking.

Will I be assisted if I arrive at the centre without an appointment?

As mentioned above, the CPUT vaccination centre will accept walk-in clients when our capacity allows. We however ask that clients wait for their appointments and adhere to both appointment dates and times to allow us to ensure good service and maintain COVID-19 protocol compliance. 

Are the COVID-19 vaccines safe? 

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and have been studied in some of the largest and most comprehensive randomised clinical trials for any vaccines to date. As with any other medication, COVID-19 vaccines have been thoroughly studied for adverse effects and have undergone substantial independent scientific review before being made available to the public. Despite this not always being clear when reported in the media, serious adverse effects from COVID-19 vaccines are very, very rare. All persons receiving the vaccinations are also screened before to ensure that we can prevent any adverse event. All vaccination centres administering COVID-19 vaccines are also equipped to deal any adverse effects in the very rare instances where they occur. The global consensus amongst recognised medical experts and organisations are that any risks associated to the vaccines are very small compared to the incredibly high risk posed by COVID-19.

Are the COVID19 vaccines effective?

Yes! Currently available data from across the world indicates that being vaccinated reduces an individual’s risk of contracting COVID 19 up to 8 fold, and reduces the risk of requiring hospitalisation for severe COVID-19 and death from COVID-19 complication by up to 25 fold. This data includes studies about the protection vaccines offer from the currently dominant Delta variant of the virus. Locally, our hospitals are reporting that the vast majority of patients being admitted to hospital are not vaccinated. To quote WC MEC for Health Dr. Nomafrench Mbombo: “ either get vaccinated or you get ventilated...”. 

Being vaccinated it the smart and responsible choice. 

Kind Regards
CPUT Vaccination Centre Team

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Higher Health COVID-19 Protocols and Guides

HIGHER HEALTH is a national government agency that seeks to assist the two million students that attend 26 universities and 50 TVET colleges in South Africa to improve their health and well being. They have compiled a a series of protocols for universities to adopt:

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